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Anders’ Summers of Personal Growth

Anders has attended Camp Sno-Mo the past two summers and is a counselor-in-training now.
Anders has attended Camp Sno-Mo the past two summers and is a counselor-in-training now.

More than the many activities available to campers, Easterseals New Hampshire’s Camp Sno-Mo in Gilmanton Iron Works also gives them unique opportunities for personal growth. Just ask Anders Hindley, 20, who achieved counselor-in-training (CIT) status after only five weekly sessions spanning the last two years.

“It really gives you confidence that you can, in fact, function … in the real world,” Anders says of his camping experience, during which he has dabbled in everything from swimming and horseback riding to archery, rifle-shooting, welding, and various Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math projects.

“Generally, this is your chance to make you, you,” Anders says of the camp experience. “I think that is by far the most valuable aspect of Camp Sno-Mo.”

His mother, Kathie Goodwin, says Anders first came to Camp Sno-Mo in June of 2022. “He had another experience at a different camp that wasn’t as positive, and so we thought we’d look at different options because he liked the camp experience,” she says.

Kathie says she personally knew of at least a few other parents of children who had attended Camp Sno-Mo and had nothing but positive things to say about it. A positive meeting with camp director Christopher Ellis and a subsequent tour of the grounds, she says, solidified her decision—Anders would become a Camp Sno-Mo camper.

Right from the start, Kathie was impressed by the level of care and attention her son received. “It’s a great fit for Anders, who has a lot of medication needs,” she says. “The counselors, they just roll with it and they did a great job at just making sure he has his meds on time. … Anders also has some dietary issues, and the camp was really great about adjusting his food items to really encompass what he has for dietary needs.”

She also appreciated the opportunity Anders was given to bring his large collection of games along with him to camp. “He has a plethora of games, and being able to bring those and be kind of a little game coordinator is something that he enjoys,” she says.

Anders, like many campers, also earned merit badges for participating in activities. He shared that he particularly enjoyed welding and archery, and even built his own primitive rocket during one STEAM session. But above all, what he enjoyed the most was the ability to have an experience tailored just to him—no matter the activity, he could partake in it on his own terms.

It’s that unique accessibility provided to Anders and so many other campers that Kathie believes sets Camp Sno-Mo apart. “I think there’s no judgment,” she says. “Any situation that your child is in, they will find a way to accommodate your child. They are very kind.”

She is especially proud of Anders’ appointment as a CIT. Anders is following in the footsteps of Kathie’s older son, Taylor, who would eventually go on to become a counselor and head of the ropes course at the camp he attended for several years. 

“With Anders, I think it’s such a great opportunity for him. He’s such a pleasant, caring, by-the-book kind of guy, and he is really good at shepherding and working with the other kids,” she says. “He’s coming back next year, and so hopefully at some point, he’s going to morph into that counselor role. It’ll be great for families to see that.”

Kathie hopes other parents would consider enrolling their children in Camp Sno-Mo if given the opportunity. “I think they will have a wonderful experience, and certainly, if there are issues along the way, the staff and the counselors are really adept at handling anything,” she says.