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    For Caregivers

    Choosing the right kind of care for a loved one who needs daily assistance due to injury, illness or age is one of the most difficult decisions.

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    Facts About Disabilities

    We’re working alongside the disability community to advance full equity, inclusion and access for people with disabilities.

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    Caregiver Tip Sheet – Toileting

    Incontinence can become an issue as the disease progresses into the middle to late stages of dementia.

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    Caregiver Tip Sheet – Suspicions & Delusions

    Confusion, memory loss and inability to retain information are factors that contribute to the suspicion and delusions.

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    Caregiver Tip Sheet – Sundowning

    “Sundowning” is a term used for individuals living with dementia who may show behaviors in the late afternoon or evening.

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    Caregiver Tip Sheet – Resistance

    When encountering resistance, it is important to develop different strategies to provide the care and support without offending, upsetting or overwhelming the individual living with dementia.

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    Caregiver Tip Sheet – Repetition

    The ability to recall recent conversations or events becomes increasingly difficult as the dementia progresses.

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    Caregiver Tip Sheet – Medications

    At times, trying to give medication to an individual living with dementia can be a challenge.

  • Making Life Accessible

    Our community-based facilities across the United States are directly responding to the needs of their communities to break down barriers in employment, community access, housing, transportation, technology and more.

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    Caregiver Tip Sheet – Home Safety

    Experiencing confusion, disorientation, limited coordination and memory loss can have a significant impact on safety within the home.