Foundation Giving

A foundation is a nonprofit corporation or a charitable trust that makes grants to organizations like Easterseals NH for charitable purposes. There are two foundation types: private foundations and grantmaking public charities. A private foundation’s money comes from a family, an individual, or a corporation. An example of a private foundation is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation).

A grantmaking public charity (sometimes called a “public foundation”) gets its money from many different sources, such as foundations, individuals, and government agencies. Most community foundations are also grantmaking public charities. Examples of public foundations include the Make-A-Wish Foundation and The NH Charitable Foundation.

Give by Phone, Mail, or In-Person

To talk about how your Foundation may support Easterseals NH, please email us at [email protected].

To give a gift by phone, call 1.800.870.8728 or 603.623.8863.

To give by mail send your contribution to:

Easterseals New Hampshire
Attn: Development Department
555 Auburn Street
Manchester, NH 03103

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of common questions we hear at Easterseals NH, and their answers. If you have another question or would like to request more information about Easterseals NH, please use our online form to contact us.

What is Easterseals National?

Easterseals, headquartered in Chicago, assists more than 70 affiliates through management training, implementation of best practices, and consultation services. Each center provides top-quality, innovative services tailored to meet the specific needs of the people we serve.

For more than 100 years, Easterseals has led the way to full equity, inclusion, and access through life-changing disability and community services.

Through our national network of affiliates like Easterseals NH & VT, we provide essential services and on-the-ground support to more than 1.5 million people each year — from early childhood programs for the critical first five years, to autism services, to medical rehabilitation and employment programs, to veterans’ services, and more. Our public education, policy, and advocacy initiatives positively shape perceptions and address the urgent and evolving needs of the one in four Americans living with disabilities today.

What types of services does Easterseals NH provide?

Our primary Easterseals NH services include:

Are Easterseals NH services limited to specific types of disabilities?

No. Easterseals NH is committed to caring for children and adults with all abilities – whether diagnosed at birth or incurred through disease, accidental injury, or the aging process.

How many people receive Easterseals NH services each year?

Every year, nearly 16,000 individuals benefit from Easterseals NH services. Additionally, Easterseals NH partners with physicians, therapists, and other professionals to learn ways to improve services for people of all abilities through professional education programs.

How is Easterseals NH supported financially?

Easterseals NH receives funding from various sources, including private insurers, government agencies, and fee-for-service. Easterseals NH also relies on public contributions to make our services accessible to as many people as possible. Public contributions help cover the difference between actual program costs and what our clients can afford. Please help us continue providing exceptional services by making an online donation.

How are the funds disseminated?

Easterseals NH is proud to put your donations to work effectively. Easterseals NH is a grassroots, community-based organization.

How large is the Easterseals NH organization?

Easterseals NH assists nearly 16,000 individuals each year at locations across the state. Easterseals NH is one of the largest non-profit employers in the state, home to over 1,400 employees.

Is Easterseals NH a non-profit organization?

Yes. Easterseals NH is a non-profit provider of health and human services, incorporated under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Does Easterseals NH have a religious affiliation?

No. Easterseals NH is not affiliated with any religion and does not discriminate. At the core of the Easterseals NH organization is a common passion for caring, shared by our staff and by those who support our mission.

How can I volunteer?

Easterseals NH’s continued success in providing services to our neighbors would not be possible without volunteers! Your time, energy, and hearts will inspire and touch the lives of those we serve. Your commitment enhances the services we provide to our clients nationwide. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, visit our volunteer page or email us at [email protected].