Mission & Strategic Plan

Our Purpose

Since 1936, Easterseals New Hampshire has provided exceptional services to ensure we change the way the world defines and views disability by making profound, positive differences in people’s lives every day.

Easterseals NH services include early childhood centers of excellence, medical rehabilitation, camping and recreation, vocational services, senior services, substance use treatment, adult day programs, community-based services, individual service options, transportation services, residential service options, and veterans services.

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A leader in social services for individuals with disabilities, Easterseals NH employs 1,500 individuals and provides essential services and on-the-ground supports to nearly 16,000 people each year with 11 core programs throughout the state.

Easterseals NH and Easterseals VT are one organization. As such, we are recognized as one of the most progressive, impactful, and diverse Easterseals affiliates nationally. 

Easterseals NH & VT is an unwavering ally to people with disabilities, their families, caregivers, and those in need at all ages. We do this by being the provider of first choice—delivering care, compassion, and clinical excellence with holistic, integrated comprehensive plans of care that empower individuals to live, learn, work, and play in their communities. Through community advocacy and education, we work to create inclusion, respect, and dignity for all.

Our Strategic Imperatives

Focus | Continuum of Care | Integration | Access

In 2023, we moved forward with our vision for a stronger, more integrated Easterseals NH & VT with the goal of better serving our clients and communities.

Our Enterprise Goals

Serve our Clients
  • Facilitate the realization of full potential and community integration
  • Prevent trauma and nurture recovery
  • Maximize access to and utilization of resources
Strengthen our Organization
  • Create a thriving community of professionals, front line service workers, and volunteer service providers
  • Achieve financial sustainability within each major service area
  • Deliver critical technical platforms and management information
  • Secure and fully utilize the facilities needed to meet our service goals
Engage our Community
  • Provide thought leadership to our sector
  • Be the provider of choice
  • Build a Board of Directors that fully represents the communities we serve
  • Create greater awareness of our organization
Advocate for our Cause
  • Pursue priority policy reform and advocate for vulnerable populations
  • Provide information and education for key stakeholders

Stronger As One

By creating a seamless, integrated service experience for our clients, we will become the provider of choice for those who need our services. We will nurture and protect every person we serve by reducing trauma, keeping families together whenever possible, and finding nurturing solutions for children and older adults who cannot remain at home or live independently.

Better Outcomes for All

We seek to maximize outcomes for individuals and families as measured by the social determinants of health depicted by the icons in the graphic at the far right. Social determinants of health are an important benchmark. Together, they influence the overall quality of life and one’s ability to participate in the community.