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    Caregiver Tip Sheet – Hallucinations

    Although hallucinations can occur with any of the five senses, visual hallucinations are most common with individuals living with dementia.

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    Caregiver Tip Sheet – Getting Lost

    Wandering is a serious risk for individuals living with dementia and can be extremely dangerous.

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    Caregiver Tip Sheet – Driving

    Dementia is a progressive disease which impacts memory, visual-spatial disorientation, cognitive functioning and other skills it takes to drive safely.

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    Caregiver Tip Sheet – Communication

    Communication for an individual living with dementia will become more difficult as the disease progresses.

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    Caregiver Tip Sheet – Bathing & Hygiene

    An individual who is living with dementia may become anxious about bathing or having someone help them with their personal hygiene.

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    Caregiver Tip Sheet – Anxiety & Nervousness

    Changes in the brain may cause anxiety and nervousness.

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    Caregiver Tip Sheet – Anger & Aggression

    Individuals living with dementia can become excessively upset and experience sudden mood changes. It may often appear that the individual is being stubborn.

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    Senior Services Resources Beyond Easterseals

    ServiceLink ServiceLink is the NH Department of Health and Human Services’ Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) network. ServiceLink is fee-free. Mary Gale Flex Fund The Mary Gale Fund gives temporary financial support to low income women, age 65 or older, living in the Greater Manchester area. We have helped pay for short-term services/items generally…

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    Living with Autism

    People with autism have differences in the areas of social communication/interaction and restricted/repetitive behaviors.