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Christopher’s Story

Christopher has always been a hardworking young man with a big and bright personality. However, when Christopher was in high school, he struggled with behavioral issues and had a hard time regulating his emotions. In 2015, his school referred him to the Easterseals Youth Transitional Services program to ease the transition from school-based services to adult life.

“I needed help with my behavior,” said Christopher. “I needed to learn how to get important work skills.”

Christopher’s program coordinator established a plan to help him become more involved in the community, gain vocational skills, and improve his overall health and wellness. Christopher and the staff worked together to develop strategies to keep his behavior and emotions on track.

Christopher always wanted to be a contributing member of his community and get a paying job. To gain vocational skills, Christopher began volunteering at the Seacoast Family Food Pantry and the NHSPCA. There he learned how to be a valuable employee.

“Easterseals has helped me in many ways. They helped me find my first job two years ago. I have three good jobs now that I love.”


Christopher works approximately fifteen hours each week at Target, TJ Maxx, and PortCity Pretzels. His jobs give him an extraordinary sense of happiness and independence. He is continuously working towards being more independent.

With the assistance of a Youth Support Specialist, Christopher has shown incredible growth in all aspects of his life. For example, he goes to either the YMCA or Planet Fitness three times each week to stay in shape. He also enjoys a range of activities that are offered at Easterseals. He loves to cook, bake, draw, swim, and take trips to the library and the beach.

Christopher has built meaningful relationships with the program staff and other students as well. He has quite a few friends, including his Easterseals Youth Support Specialist Deeanna.

When Christopher’s busy schedule allows for free time, he still volunteers at the food pantry and NHSPCA. Now that he is almost twenty-one years old, he will be transitioning to an adult program at Easterseals. He is looking forward to beginning a baking training program soon where he will become certified to work in the culinary field, one of his passions.

Christopher has made exceptional strides with Easterseals as evidenced by his ability to successfully maintain a full activity schedule. He loves being a contributing member in his community and will continue to grow and improve.

“Before I didn’t want to try new things, but I enjoy them now” said Christopher. “Easterseals lets me try new things.”