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Claire’s Story

Meet Claire, a client of Special Transit Service

Claire always had a bright and vibrant personality. However, after experiencing some big life changes, such as leaving her job after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, her shining light began to dim. Due to the pain she suffered, she was unable to drive and was constantly asking her friends for rides to the grocery store and to doctor appointments. Claire was always worried that she would not be able to get the help she needed. She felt trapped at home and did not know where to get assistance.

“I was very sad,” said Claire. “I knew that I had so much more capability. I felt very limited and cut off from the world. I wasn’t having my needs met and I was looking for help. One day, I was talking to a friend and she referred me to Easterseals NH Transportation Services. I decided to call.”

Claire began receiving rides from Easterseals NH a year ago and utilizes the program at least twice a week. Transportation Services takes her to hair appointments, doctor appointments, and on shopping trips. Additionally, Claire has formed positive relationships with her drivers and looks forward to seeing them and talking with them. She also loves when they help bring her groceries into her apartment.

Over the past year, Claire has felt much happier and more connected with her community. Easterseals NH Transportation Services has allowed Claire to be social again and has given her a greater sense of independence. Although she has a wonderful network of friends, Claire knows that she can always rely on Easterseals NH’s transportation. She feels much better being independent and self-sufficient and has significantly less stress in her life now.

“Easterseals NH Transportation Services has been a godsend. It has given me back my life. I know that I can rely on them I have so much gratitude and appreciation for the program. Without Easterseals NH Transportation Services, I would be depressed again. I am so much happier now and full of life!”


Claire no longer feels cut off from the world and actively participates in the community. She can now be herself and share her story with others. Her vibrant personality is on full display every day! Claire loves to sing in her church choir and is currently writing a book about her life experiences. She is passionate about helping people, and Easterseals NH Transportation Services allows her to do that. In the future, she hopes to take more risks and make the best out of anything that comes her way. Claire has much to look forward to now that Transportation Services is there to help her achieve her goals. She also wants to spread awareness about the program so that those who need help can reach out and get it.

“Easterseals is not going to reject anyone,” said Claire. “They will be there for you whenever and wherever they can be. I encourage others to take advantage of their resources, reach out, and take risks. You are not alone. There is help available for you at Easterseals NH!”