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Early Childhood Services Expand Alex’s World

Mother smiling at her young son while he is working on an art project in class.

Parents and caregivers rely on Easterseals New Hampshire’s Early Childhood Services to provide their children life-changing support and services. 

Linda’s experience with young children told her that something wasn’t quite right for Alex, her toddler. “Alex didn’t show much recognition or acknowledgment very early on,” Linda explained.  “He was very distant. He would look at you, but it was like he was looking through you. You could definitely tell there was a separation or a lack of understanding.” 

A referral from Alex’s physician directed him to the Moore Center, which then opened the door to Easterseals NH Early Childhood Services.  Alex was one of the first children to benefit from our newly integrated child development services model. Since April 2023, physical therapy, speech therapy, supports and services for autism, and screening for other issues have made a positive impact on Alex’s development and communication skills.  The little boy who previously hung back today engages and responds. 

“It can be a very anxious experience, not knowing the future and the what ifs,” said Linda. “And I can say coming to Easterseals NH has eased those moments and made them so much easier.” 

The approach of “One Easterseals” means integrated services are readily available to Alex. “The different services that they offer are wonderful to have at your fingertips,” commented Linda. “Not only that, but they have an app service. So, it’s much easier.” 

Linda is pleased with Alex’s growth and looks forward to a future where he is empowered to live his best life. “He’s come so far, and I honestly cannot be more grateful to the lovely people that work here,” said Linda. “When there’s a child who especially has something like autism, it can be seen very much like a disability . . . but they just have such a different way of learning. They have such a different way of understanding things.” 

Linda has high praise for her interaction with Easterseals NH teachers and clinicians.  “They ask amazing questions, making sure that we’re seeing the same things at home, making sure more or less we’re all on the same page. I really couldn’t be happier with what he’s done himself and with the help of Easterseals.”