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Easterseals NH Partners with Elm Grove to Provide Stability for Young Family

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Catherine came to the Easterseals NH All Youth Count (AYC) program in need of a place to live. Forced out of a friend’s house, she was staying with her parents, sleeping on their kitchen floor with her young son. This was not a good arrangement, although it was better than living on the street. Further complicating her situation was that she was unemployed and couldn’t obtain employment without childcare; but to pay for childcare, she needed a job. Catherine needed help breaking that circular pattern of barriers.

AYC reached out to a partner housing provider, Elm Grove Companies, to help Catherine find a stable, safe place to call home. Catherine receives a housing stipend from the Division of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF), but most landlords did not see this as enough of a guarantee to lease to her. Because Easterseals NH and AYC have a relationship with Elm Grove, they were willing to give Catherine a chance at a lease on an apartment. Elm Grove recognized the value of AYC’s support of a youth.

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AYC provided Catherine with crucial financial assistance to pay the security deposit so she could move into an apartment in Manchester. AYC also helped connect her with a nonprofit agency to get donated furniture. Catherine was then able to obtain employment. It took one community partner to make a massive difference in Catherine’s and her son’s lives. Easterseals NH and AYC are tremendously grateful to the people at Elm Grove, because with their support Catherine was able to break free from a cycle that seemingly trapped her and her son in an unsafe environment.

Through partnerships like the one with Elm Grove Companies, AYC and Easterseals NH are able to change the lives of people in New Hampshire for the better.

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