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Fallon’s Story

Fallon on her birthday
Fallon on her birthday

Community-Based Services provide supports and services for adults with Intellectual Disabilities and Acquired Brain Disorders. These clinical and behavioral services are designed to meet the complex needs of this small but growing sub-group of individuals within the disability population who present with high risk/high need issues and require: day services, residential services, and community supports.

Fallon O’Dell was bullied while growing up, and after enduring significant difficulty at home, she sought assistance through Easterseals NH services. As a result, she has found a path which has changed her life for the better. In July 2017, she joined Easterseals NH Youth Transitional Services (YTS) where she worked on job readiness and exploration, community participation, and daily life skills. While with YTS, she began building her self-confidence, making good decisions for herself, and also found employment.

“YTS was fun and it helped me to find a job,” says Fallon. “I felt better about myself.”

Once Fallon turned 21-years-old, she aged out of YTS and entered Easterseals NH Community-Based Services (CBS) for adults, where she has been for the past year. As part of this program, Fallon was matched with her current home providers who welcomed her into a warm and nurturing environment.

“I love where I live, love going outside for walks, and love my two dogs,” she says. She also enjoys a new sense of responsibility that comes along with helping to do chores around the house such as cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and washing dishes.

Easterseals NH CBS Direct Support Associate Jacqueline has worked closely with Fallon, and, with support from Easterseals NH Workforce Development, she has found a job she loves two days a week at Stonebridge Country Club. In this position, she is responsible for washing dishes and prepping food. She is thriving at work and getting along well with co-workers.

“I feel like I’m a grown up and have responsibilities,” says Fallon of the job where she has been praised for her quality of work. One of the best parts of having a job is that Fallon loves earning money, managing her finances, and having her own ATM card.

Fallon and Jacqueline are also working on reducing Fallon’s anxiety by walking and also working on her overall health through better eating habits. This has resulted in her losing 20 pounds, an accomplishment that brings her a lot of pride. Jacqueline and Fallon are together 9 am to 3 pm five days a week and enjoy going to the mall with friends, spending time at the park, and hanging out at the beach. Fallon also enjoys drawing, reading, crocheting, coloring, writing, and watching Netflix.

“Jacqueline is like a second mom,” says Fallon. “Knowing her is the best thing that has happened to me.”

Looking toward the future, Fallon definitely has goals in mind for herself. She wants to spend more time with family, attend culinary school, and is excited to be an aunt.

“Easterseals NH has helped change my life because I don’t have the anxiety I used to have,” Fallon says. “I’m proud of the relationships I’ve formed.”