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Meet Ryan from Community Based Services

Ryan is a hardworking, compassionate, and creative young man who participates in Easterseals New Hampshire’s Community Based Services (CBS). Ryan graduated from an Easterseals Residential Intensive Treatment Home in 2020 before moving in with his home care providers in Manchester, NH.

Ryan has demonstrated success in both his personal and professional life. He has a passion for collecting books and reports that he loves to read. Ryan is described as a “people person” and enjoys spending time with friends in his community. During his Day Programming, Ryan’s primary focus is on employment.

Since March 2021, Ryan has been working successfully, five days a week, with his staff contact Amanda, at The Ark Learning Center in Hooksett, NH. His manager at The Ark, Heather, recently reported that he was doing “really well” and that “we really enjoy having him come and work with us.”

At The Ark, Ryan is responsible for ensuring all children’s toys are sanitized before they are used in the classrooms. He also ensures the floors stay clean, does laundry as needed, and receives/ processes daily food deliveries for the children.

Recently, Ryan’s hard work and willingness to do whatever is needed by staff at the center earned him a reward. In December 2021, he received a bonus and formal recognition for keeping the daycare safe and clean for six classrooms of children.

Through the support of his CBS team, Ryan feels confident that he can achieve his goals and looks forward to a bright future.

“We really enjoy having him come and work with us.”

—Heather, Ryan’s manager at The Ark Learning Center