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Youth Transitional Services, Meet Christopher

Photo of Christopher wearing a blue shirt, smiling.

Hi, my name is Christopher.

When I first started working with Easterseals NH, I went to school in the mornings and to Easterseals NH in the afternoon. I volunteered at the Seacoast Science Center until I got offered two extra days at my job at RiverWoods Retirement Community and an extra day at 900 Degrees Pizza, where I have worked since September.

I used to work in the kitchen at RiverWoods and I got promoted to be a server in the dining room. Easterseals helped get me my first paid job. I like working at RiverWoods Retirement Community because everyone there is nice to me and I do a lot of good, hard work.

I like my new volunteer job at the NHSPCA because after I do the laundry, I look at the animals and it makes me feel like I am at a zoo. I like helping with the laundry because I am trying to make a good life for the rescued animals.

“I have a good time in my life and want to make the Earth a good place. I really like being in Easterseals NH and this program makes me happy.”


I really like Easterseals Art Class because I like to make drawings of mixed up animals. For example, I like making an animal that has the view of a Giant Manatee, spiny areas of a Bamboo Coral, leaf-like fins of a Leafy Sea dragon, and the eyes of a Panama Frog. I am creating a book that is based on my drawings titled “The Book of Mixed up Animals,” by Christopher. I like Easterseals Cooking Class too where I learn how to cook and make food and then eat together with my peers afterwards. I also take Zumba, where it makes me feel like I am at a party and workout while dancing.