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Michele Talwani

Executive Leadership Team

Michele Talwani

Chief Communications and Marketing Officer, Easterseals NH & VT

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In February 2024, Michele was promoted to the organizations first Chief Communications and Marketing Officer, an executive leadership position that leads the strategic communications and marketing efforts for Easterseals NH & VT.

Michele joined the organization in January 2023 to take on a new role created to support Easterseals NH’s strategic plan to develop centers of excellence at three locations in New Hampshire. In this role, she planned, coordinated, and implemented a communications and major gift fundraising effort around related projects. In September 2023, her role evolved to be responsible for the strategy, direction, and oversight of a broad range of communications and marketing activities relative to the strategic direction of the organization. In addition, she became the prime media spokesperson for the organization.

Michele has over 25 years of management, public relations, communications, and marketing experience for several nonprofits in New Hampshire.

Michele is the secretary of the board of trustees for Leadership New Hampshire and has led its selection committee since 2009. She is a long-time member of the Public Relations Society of America and Yankee Chapter. She holds a master of business administration (MBA) degree from Plymouth State University. She is active in her alma mater and participates as a registered panelist with the Commission on Public Relations Education.