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Clinical Services

Options to help you and your family.

We utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to practice that is grounded in the expertise of Behavior Specialists, Therapists (LICSW and LCMHC), Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and a
consulting Psychiatrist and Psychologist. 

Behavioral Support & Intervention Services

Further expanding our clinical services line, Easterseals behavioral services provide analysis, training, plan development, and ongoing support to the individual and those involved in providing their care. Our approach is ‘strength-based’, geared toward developing new healthier and more productive behaviors. Behavior plans that are developed are often part of a multi-element approach that includes counseling services and other ancillary supports.

Individual & Group Therapy

Therapy includes, but is not limited to CBT, DBT, EMDR, and MI. Services are provided within the scope of our clinical practice. Emotional health management, relapse prevention and risk reduction are the primary focuses of our counseling services. Individuals in need of counseling services typically receive this support on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Nursing Services

Our internal nursing team comprises Registered Nurses who are He-M 1201 certified and provide support throughout New Hampshire. Our Nurse Trainers ensure that the healthcare needs of individuals receiving services are met and work collaboratively to develop treatment and care plans that promote independence and healthy living.

High Risk/High Need Consultation Team

The High Risk/High Need Consultation Team is a multi-disciplinary clinical team designed to evaluate challenging and clinically complex individuals to provide recommendations relative to their psychiatric medication regimen and treatment needs.

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