Gammon Academy at Mammoth Road

1 Mammoth Road | Manchester, NH

Gammon Academy at Mammoth Rd


Gammon Academy at Mammoth Road

Easterseals NH Gammon Academy at Mammoth Road provides residents with experience practicing skills relating to safety, daily living needs, and community connections/involvements in preparation for transition home or to a more independent setting.

  • Licensed to serve up to 16 students ages 5 to 21
  • Kindergarten, elementary, middle school, and high school curricula
  • Small classroom sizes (8 to 12 students)
Gammon Academy at Mammoth Rd
Gammon Academy at Kroll House


Gammon Academy at Kroll House

Easterseals NH Gammon Academy at Krol House offers small group living in a neighborhood setting. Residents practice adult living skills to prepare for the transition home or to another community-based setting.

Treatment Philosophy

The philosophy at Krol House is to provide the highest quality treatment-oriented service to residents who will be transitioning to an independent living arrangement or semi-supportive living program. The program is designed to be highly structured through clinically driven groups, individualized instruction, treatment planning, transition planning, and comprehensive skill building training utilizing a hands-on approach.

Resident’s Rights

The Easterseals NH residential programs assist youth in becoming as independent and self-reliant as possible. To accomplish this, we believe in the following principles related to the resident. Each resident in the program has the following rights:

Residential Services

Residents are active participants in their treatment. Multiple components, interventions, and individual and group counseling applications are designed to help the residents focus on their treatment goals. The program provides the individuals with experience practicing skills relating to safety, daily living needs, and community connections/involvements. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Independent living skills assessment and preparation
  • Daily living skills assessment and development
  • Pre-vocational training
  • Community assessment and involvement
  • Individual recreation and leisure time management
  • Money management
  • Interest inventories
  • Health and safety awareness
  • Coping strategy skill development
  • Case management services
  • Individual, family, and group therapy
  • Crisis intervention and stabilization management / therapeutic crisis intervention (TCI)
  • 24-hour emergency on-call services
  • Psychosocial assessment
  • Development and implementation of individual treatment plan
  • Quarterly educational reports & monthly progress summaries
  • Transition and discharge planning
  • Multi-level continuum of care
A classroom at Gammon Academy New School with students and teachers.

How to Access Care

To inquire about our programs or the admissions process,
please contact us at 603.206.6700 or [email protected].