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Gammon Academy Schools

Exterior photo of Gammon Academy Jolicoeur School.

Easterseals NH Gammon Academy Schools At-A-Glance

  • Three educational programs with campuses in Manchester and Lancaster
  • Small classes grouped by age and identified needs
  • Specializing in neurobehavioral, developmental, and/or intellectual challenges
  • Learning environment modified for children with autism spectrum disorders
  • State of NH-certified special education programs

Supporting the Whole Student

The Gammon Academy schools are recognized by the New Hampshire Department of Education as nonpublic schools with approved special education programs.

The philosophy of each of our educational programs is to provide the highest quality, treatment-oriented services to youth to assist them in becoming as independent as possible. We achieve this through structured care that is family-driven, youth-guided, and trauma-informed.

Curriculum Overview

Every Easterseals NH Gammon Academy school provides an individualized learning experience that develops knowledge, skills, and abilities. All prepare students to live as independently as possible. Instruction supports academic growth and development in areas such as self-care, work readiness, social interaction, and emotional regulation.

Meeting Goals Student by Student

Gammon Academy offers a high school diploma for students working toward this as an educational goal, but we also offer alternative learning paths. We work with each student to support them in completing the educational plan that is right for them.

Beyond Academics

In additional to Specialized Instruction, Gammon Academy provides occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech and language therapy. If a student needs other services, the Special Education Coordinator will work with the sending district to plan for these services.

Using Technology to Support Learning

Many of the students at Gammon Academy require specialized equipment to support their learning. A common example of this would be speech-generating devices. Gammon Academy will work to ensure that each student has the equipment needed to support learning. We will collaborate with the sending district to provide equipment or help the student and family get personal equipment using insurance or other resources.

Our Commitment to Staff Training

Not only are our students learning every day, but so are our staff. Easterseals NH is committed to increasing the skill level of all staff members to provide high-quality services to our students. A competent staff is essential to provide a safe, therapeutic environment where learning can happen. Professional development for staff members includes frequent training in various areas, including instructional strategies, disability-specific needs, special education services and processes, family-centered practices, therapeutic crisis intervention, and trauma-informed care.

Learn More About Our Schools

Gammon Academy at Zachary Rd

Gammon Academy at Zachary Road

This campus shares a site with our largest residential treatment program at 200 Zachary Road. This campus accepts students from Kindergarten through 12th grade and has a capacity of 60 students.

Gammon Academy at Mammoth Rd

Gammon Academy at Mammoth Road

This campus shares a site with the Krol House and the Boys Intensive Residential Treatment Facility. This campus can serve students from Kindergarten through 12th grade and has a capacity of 70 students.

Gammon Academy Lancaster

Gammon Academy at Lancaster

This is a small satellite program in Coos County. As with the Manchester programs, it is co-located with a residential treatment program. This small school works to be a flexible resource for local communities, as there are limited options for students in this region. This on-site school is only able to enroll students in grades 5 through 12.

Exterior photo of Gammon Academy Jolicoeur School.

For more information about Gammon Academy and related services or to arrange a personal visit, please reach out to us.

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