Gammon Academy at Zachary Road

200 Zachary Road | Manchester, NH

We “meet youth where they are” at Zachary Road, while at the same time challenging them to reach their full potential. Programming across the residential and educational settings is consistently structured to reflect the needs and interests of each youth while also considering individual and family goals for their future.

Zachary Road


  • Easterseals NH Gammon Academy at Zachary Road is a 65,000-square-foot complex on five acres in a quiet part of the City of Manchester. Our residential building is divided into eight halls, with students grouped according to age and abilities.
  • All residents have access to a gymnasium, bike trails, cafeteria, outside basketball court, and many other community amenities.
  • Licensed to serve 106 students
  • Children grouped according to age and ability
  • Year-round care
  • Treatment Philosophy
  • Residents Rights
Gammon Academy education building

Zachary Road


  • Licensed to serve up to 60 students in K-12
  • Small classroom size (8 to 12 students)
  • Year-round instruction (240 school days per year)
  • Instruction supports acedemic growth and the development of daily living skills
  • students grouped according to age and ability

Specialized Educational & Treatment Plans

Our experienced team of clinicians and teachers take a multidisciplinary approach to developing academic and care plans around the needs and goals of each student. In all cases, we strive to support a child in transitioning to a least restrictive environment. Families play an important role. They provide opportunities for children to practice and master new skills and work on treatment goals in different settings.

Plans include the following:

  • Medical care, including dental
  • Psychiatric care
  • Therapy: individual, group, family
  • Communication
  • Activities of daily living
  • Social skills
  • Vocational training
  • Community integration
  • Speech and language support
  • Nutritional intervention
  • Occupational therapy, including a well-equipped sensory integration room
  • Recreational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Supplemental therapies that emphasize mind-body connection and offer additional resources to a child based on his/her needs and/or interests. For example, dietary interventions and expressive therapies such as art, dance, music, and stress reduction techniques.

Program Characteristics

We provide individualized intensive behavioral treatments to youth with disorders and developmental disabilities. Our team sets treatment goals that are measurable, meaningful, and supported by curriculum content. Learning is structured, with careful attention to the maintenance of organized and predictable routines. A functional approach to problem behavior is implemented, allowing for effective intervention and support for each child.

The Learning Environment

Classrooms are designed to accommodate children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Targeted skills and treatment objectives are taught in highly supportive and structured environments. We teach with the transition to more homelike and community-based settings in mind. The learning environment is carefully planned to consider the following:


Easterseals NH Gammon Academy at Zachary Road campus is the largest campus. There are 8 separate halls, allowing for differentiated treatment based upon age and identified needs.

This campus serves children and youth of all genders between the ages of 5 and 21 years old. Services for youth with neurobehavioral, developmental, and intellectual challenges are offered for the entire range of ages, while treatment for youth with a primarily psychiatric presentation is only offered for latency aged children (5-12 years old).

This campus offers on site features including a gym and a large fenced court yards, allowing youth that present safety concerns in community settings to access indoor and outdoor recreation on a regular basis.


square foot complex located on a five-acre campus setting


square foot two story school


years old of all genders in this campus


separate halls, allowing for differentiated treatment based upon age and identified needs

A classroom at Gammon Academy New School with students and teachers.

How to Access Care

To inquire about our programs or the admissions process,
please contact us at 603.206.6700 or [email protected].