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Youth Transitional Services

Building Skills for the Future

Aydan holding up a bag of Port City Pretzels.
Cooper from Youth Transitional Services smiling while he in putting plants into boxes.

Easterseals New Hampshire’s Youth Transitional Services

Youth Transitional Services (YTS) is a holistic program that helps Granite State high school students with disabilities prepare to transition from high school to adult living. We work with educators, families, community organizations, and businesses to support youth in developing daily living skills, preparing for life after school, and accessing resources in their local community.

Areas of Focus & Sample Activities


Employer visits, informational interviews, volunteering, work-based learning, customized employment, and work-site instruction and assessment

Social Health and Wellness

Coaching on social and interpersonal skills, community engagement, enrichment activities, and healthy pursuits

Continuing Education

Educational support, learning opportunities, emphasis on functional academics

Adult Daily Living

Experiences, activities, and services that build skills to help youth live more independently

Why Choose YTS for Your Student?

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Let YTS prepare your student for a successful transition from school-based services to adult living. Contact us today to enroll.

Benjamin Adams, Director

Emily Walker, Senior Program Coordinator

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